eCheck Blackjack Deposits - The electronic version of the traditional cheque!

eCheck blackjack deposits are ideal for customers who prefer traditional method of payment blended effectively with technology. This is basically a check, just in electronic format! There are numerous benefits to using this method of payment, it cuts down on cost, funds are received sooner, and it’s a green friendly product (saves on environment impact) and decreases errors and fraud.

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The benefits of electronic cheques

Saving on time and hassles are not the only benefits to using this service. It can reduce processing costs to up to 60% when used instead of traditional cheques as it takes less manpower to process these payments and has no deposit casino or transaction fees. eCheck Blackjack deposits are cleared in the recipient's bank account up to two times faster than normal and can be used internationally which saves even more time due to the cheque being sent and received within a few seconds. Electronic cheque customers cut down severely on the impact traditional cheque mailing has on the environment by reducing carbon emissions and the need for actual paper. Because fewer people are involved in processing electronic cheques, fewer errors are made.

How customers are protected

Before a customer’s electronic cheque is accepted by an online casino, the cheques are first authenticated. This means that the customer fills out a form and the cashier does a check to verify the customer is indeed who they say they are. Then the customer receives a voided cheque back from the casino after which the customer can deposit eCheck Blackjack deposits to that casino without any further hassles. Playing your favourite mobile Blackjack games at an online casino has now become even easier due to the speed with which payments are processed and most of these casinos issue electronic cheques for withdrawals.

eCheck Blackjack deposits digital signatures

Digital signatures are used much like a customer’s actual signature with the benefit that it can’t be tampered with which reduces the risk of fraud exponentially. Public key cryptography is used for the eCheck Blackjack deposits digital signatures. It’s a method where keys are used to encrypt and decrypt a sent message and in the case of electronic cheque conversions, this private key is of a mathematical nature. The public key is given to the recipient of the digital cheque which enables the recipient to verify that the cheque was signed by the sender that the transfer hasn’t been tampered with. 128 Bit encryption and secure socket layer are used to encrypt these transfers, making transfers very safe.

eCheck blackjack deposits in summary

Electronic cheque payments can be used instead of other methods of payments for instance traditional cheque or credit card payments, ensuring fund transfers are more accurate, processed faster and are secure. Australian eCheck Blackjack deposits customers will find this very beneficial when playing their favourite Blackjack online casino games. Digital signatures are used to protect customers against fraud and human error when processing cheque payments are greatly reduced. It also saves on bank charges and is a green product, protecting the environment. Keeping up with technology is benefitting online casino enthusiasts all over, so enjoy these benefits and get playing!

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