UseMyBank Casino is Instant Online Banking at its Best

Although officially titled UseMyFunds, this fantastic online service is still generally referred to as UseMyBank, and has been easing the process of internet transactions since it appeared on the scene. Consumers are able to access their online banking services quickly, safely, and securely via this payment service, and your money is moved as you need it, in real time.

In the modern-day, time-is-money culture that the majority of us are living in, it is understandable how this payment service became as popular as it did as quickly as it did. By linking your bank account directly to the one you keep at your favourite australian blackjack casino, you are now able to transfer your money into your casino account, or vice-versa, in a timely, cost-effective manner that doesn’t skip on safety. In fact, as soon as your money transfer has been completed you will be able to see it in your account!

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A part of UseMyServices, a Canadian company based in Toronto, this is such an excellent payment option that it is now used worldwide, including Australia. The global spread of UseMyBank further means that Australians can pay money to international destinations with the same ease as they would if transacting locally, and can do so at a significantly reduced rate.

UseMyBank Casino is the Economical Choice

It is linked to all of the major Australian banking houses, including St. George, Westpac, ANZ, NAB and the Commonwealth bank. If you are a current account holder at any of these institutions, you should be asking yourself why you are not taking full advantage of this powerful and extremely cost-effective payment service today.

The absence of any third-parties in the transaction process means one thing: lower processing fees for the consumer. Because they are simply providing a safe and secure portal by which your bank is able to connect you to your casino account, they charge accordingly, and have attached minimal rates to the service. Furthermore, your financial information is kept completely safe and secure from the fraudsters that abound online.

Quick and Easy banking online

Blackjack players no longer have to navigate over to their banking website, log in and add whatever casino they need to as a beneficiary before being able to move their money as they want to. Access your bank account and available cash directly through the casinos website and you are back in play in the blink of an eye, on your way to the jackpot!

After selecting UseMyBank Casino as a payment method, you will be directed to a secure page whereby you may retrieve your bank account, and, as soon as the withdrawal or deposit process is complete, your payment notification will be issued. This company makes use of the most advanced anti-fraud software available as well, so you can rest assured that your personal information and hard-earned money is completely safe and secure at all times.

Apart from actually winning, there is no better feeling that getting instant access to your prize money and UseMyBank Casino provides just that. Simplify your online casino experience and start managing your real money quickly and safely with UseMyBank Casino.

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